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Our commissions include 16 new churches and chapels and the re-ordering of some 20 others. The photograph illustrates a place of worship for 450 in South London incorporating a new framed structure for the main meeting hall and conversion of and Edwardian Co-Operative Society building for offices and teaching areas.


In Church architecture the Architect is bound to be more concerned with tradition than in other fields. Users of a church are often more conscious of history. For many years the practice has successfully achieved the delicate balance required for Religious Buildings. The balance is to maintain strict cost-control whilst creating an exceptional standard of interior design to provide an environment for peace and contemplation. Exact details of the form of worship and building procedures are discussed with the local representatives of the Church to ensure that the architectural implications are understood. 


The design process ranges from re-ordering, conservation and renovation of historic buildings to modern contemporary structures that maintain the high standard expected of more traditional structures.  The design of such important community buildings must always take account of their inevitable exposure to such large swings of emotions, from the sombre services accompanying death to the joyous celebrations of worship, birth and marriage.


To achieve this balance the practice has successfully bridged the divide of time and emotions, a fact reflected by our extensive experience in Church design.