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We continue to advise a number of religious orders and Community associations, carrying out alterations, extensions and planned maintenance to Convents, Monasteries, Nursing Homes and Conference Centres.


We are working with an increasing number of Area Health Services Authorities. In recent years our practice has designed 3 new surgeries, with adaptations to a further number of group practices/surgeries.




Our practice has been responsible for the design of more than 3500 social housing dwellings, a considerable proportion of recent provision throughout South East England.


The range and type of residential commissions has varied from a 5 unit development for the Croydon Churches Housing Association at Cross Road, to a 385 unit development for the South London Family Housing association in Croydon at the Woodside Brickworks site, this development incorporating a one acre natural lake.


The practice has been at the forefront of design development for private and social housing projects. We have endeavoured to incorporate the five major design criteria in all projects: Context, Aesthetics, Function, Cost and Construction time. We work closely with our various clients enabling the best possible balance of design and engineering disciplines to create functionally viable solutions.


Throughout this process the design team also takes into account the economic, social, and cultural environment in which the project is located. Many projects require close co-operation with the various authorities and interest groups. To achieve the optimum solutions we consult at all of the design stages to ensure that all developments are attractive to Promoting Developers, residents and visitors. Open space has to be organised to form public and private zones, which often leads to conflicts between private zones and the requirements for vehicular access. These problems must be identified and integrated into the overall design philosophy during the planning stages.


The practice has seen more than 3500 new dwellings built to our design, including schemes that have received Design awards in recognition of our Architectural achievements.



Projects include:

  • The re-development of the Queen's Hospital site in Croydon, including the refurbishment of the historic structures to form 84 apartments and the construction of 52 new houses.
  • A large development of private apartments, Tavistock Road Croydon, for which the Practice received a Croydon Design Award.
  • Various schemes for private clients.