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Computer Aided Design

In a world of fast track construction, sophisticated building components, "intelligent building systems" and fiscal restraint, the value of an integrated team approach cannot be overstated. Engineers from the three major disciplines work together as a true team, not only resolving the challenges of each engineering speciality but also finding solutions to the many building component interface problems that otherwise would not be addressed.


Fundamental to the success of an integrated method is the use of Information Technology in the office. The Practice is fully equipped with PC's on every desk, all fully networked. Large scale graphical printers and colour laser printers makes possible the efficient presentation of accurate and detailed diagrams and drawings.


Key amongst the IT systems is the Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CAD) system that allows for a common database of graphic information. The benefits that accrue to the Clients include not only a more exact and comprehensive design, but all of the time and cost benefits that a computerised design system provides.