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Conservation, Conversion and Extension of historic buildings remains a significant proportion of our workload.

Buildings may have a strong cultural meaning for people, residents or visitors in an area due to their architectural quality, character, or history, because they are built of local materials in a local way, or simply because they are familiar and are known and recognisable feature of the place. They may also, in functional terms play a role in the life of the community, or in the local economy, in ways that may not seem immediately obvious.
The primary economic objective of conservation is to maintain and enhance the usefulness and asset value of the building. Buildings of quality, maintained in good order, may also contribute to the quality of the environment and to the economic health of the area and of the country as a whole.

The maintenance and refurbishment of buildings generates a steady flow of good quality skilled employment. Where large scale alterations have to be made to historic buildings it is important that these are carried out with a minimum of disruption and a real feeling for the original building.
The fact remains that in global environmental terms, the balance of advantage strongly favours the retention and enhancement of existing building stock, particularly where performance in terms of energy consumption in use can be improved.  

Projects include:

  •  Schiller International University - Wickham court, West Wickham, Kent (Listed Grade I) -Repairs, upgrading and designs for new student accommodation in the grounds.
  • Thomas More R.C. Secondary school, Purley (Listed Grade II) - exterior fabric conservation and repairs.
  • Bromley Old Town hall (Listed Grade II) - alterations, refurbishment and repairs and installation of new systems.
  • Extensive remodeling of former St. Mary's Convent, 180 Eltham High Street (Listed Grade II) - Heritage Award.
  • St. Anne’s school, Vauxhall - new buildings within Vauxhall Conservation Area.
  • Warwick Mill - (Listed Grade II) 250,000 sq.ft. Building incorporating retail and restaurants with proposed new leisure facilities and parking structures.