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Health and Safety

Our associated company Tomei and Mackley Planning Supervisors Ltd. advises on Health and Safety matters, provides training and advice, and acts as the appointed Planning supervisor on many of our projects, as well as advising on the long term aspects of the building.


Tomei and Mackley Planning Supervisors have a breadth of experience in the construction industry and understand the problems faced by Designers and Contractors in making sites and construction practices as safe as possible. The multi-disciplinary team has the resources to both advise on and audit the team's proposals in coordinating the preparation of the project's Health and Safety Plan.


We will also liaise with the Principal Contractor in the fulfillment of his Health and safety obligations under the existing legislation; and the completion of the works in accordance with the project's Health and Safety Plan, through to the completion of the project Health and Safety File.


The CDM regulations require the appointment of a Planning Supervisor who has overall responsibility for coordinating all the aspects of the Health and Safety requirements regarding the stages of design and planning.